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Gun Runner Impact Team
October 1, 2009

Project Gunrunner

Project Gunrunner


They’re called G.R.I.T. for short. From April 28th to August 28th 100 extra A.T.F. agents were sent to Houston to help crack down on the illegal gun trade between our area and Mexico. Here’s a breakdown of what was accomplished in those four months.

1,100 investigative leads researched and completed

276 new criminal cases opened (89 defendants and so far 28 indictments, U.S. Attorneys Office is still reviewing all cases)

443 illegal guns seized

3 explosive devices seized

141,000 rounds of ammunition seized

$165,000 in cash seized

 1,500 pounds of marijuana seized

5 kilograms of cocaine seized

1,100 compliance reviews of Federal Firearm Licensed dealers (FFLs)

440 violations found of FFls found

78 Adverse Actions Taken (77 letters of warning and conference, 1 Revocation)

900 missing guns recovered