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Seized Cash
June 16, 2009

Currency Seizure 2009Jun11 009


Customs and Border Protection Agents seized nearly $180,000 in cash at Bush Intercontinental Airport on June 11th. CBP Chief Paula Rivera told me the man carrying the cash was bound for Mexico, but she wouldn’t say which city. The cash was found hidden in the lining of the man’s suitcase during a routine check of outbound passengers. If you have ever traveled abroad with more than¬†$10,000 in currency then you know you have to declare it to Customs. Obviously, this man did not declare his rather sizeable chunk of money. I know, what a shock! CBP has seized more than $1.4 million in undeclared currency at IAH since January. I think we’re going to see a lot more of these “southbound seizures” because of the government’s crackdown on the Mexican drug cartels. As I’ve been reporting for months getting stuff out of Mexico is tough because of all the checks, but getting stuff into Mexico is easy. That’s now changing, both governments have been stepping up inspections of people and vehicles heading into Mexico. This is to help stem the river of money and guns going back to the cartels. If you are planning to travel with large sums of cash then check out this informational flyer from Customs. If you can’t prove the money is from a legitimate source then the government gets to keep it. currency_reporting