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Just want make sure everyone is aware of this new scam in case your phone starts rininging. Here is a news release sent to me by San Jacinto College…

San Jacinto College warns of scholarship scam

PASADENA, Texas – The financial aid department at San Jacinto College is warning students and the community of a scholarship scam.

People claiming to represent the U.S. Education Department are calling students to offer scholarships and grants. The callers ask for a bank or credit card number, saying the information will be used for a $249 processing fee, but the call is fake.

“The U.S. Education Department and San Jacinto College do not charge students a fee for educational grants,” said Robert Merino, San Jacinto College financial aid services director. “You should not offer your financial information to anyone making these claims.”

If you receive a call, please report it to 1-800-MIS-USED, or send an e-mail to oig.hotline@ed.gov. The government website http://www.ftc.gov/scholarshipscams shares telltale signs of fraud.

San Jacinto College disburses over $22.2 million annually in financial aid to more than 6,100 students who are not required to pay a processing fee.

If you are a student requiring financial aid, please follow the proper financial aid procedures set forth by San Jacinto College. For more information on how to obtain financial aid, visit the San Jacinto College website at http://www.sanjac.edu or call 281-998-6150.

San Jacinto College serves more than 24,500 students in over 140 degrees and certificates in university transfer and technical programs. The College also serves the community through workforce training. Students come with various goals and aspirations and we are committed to their success. San Jacinto College. Your Goals. Your College.

Even though San Jac caters to a somewhat smaller pool of students, I’ll bet a paycheck the scam artists will start including other universties and community colleges.


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