Every Rose Has Its Thorn

All apologies for using a tired cliche and the name of a cheesy 80’s hair metal song to title this entry. (I call it cheesy even though I still remember all the words) I came across this note from Customs and Border Protection agents working at the Port of Entry in Laredo.  In addition to trying to catch illegal immigrants, drugs, guns and all manner of contraband it turns these agents also have to be on the look-out for nefarious flowers. During last year’s Valentine’s season– January 1st, 2008 through February 14th, 2008–roughly 500 million cut flower stems were imported into the United States to be used in Valentine’s Day bouquets. The Port of Entry in Laredo was second in the nation in the number of imported flowers (27 million). Inspectors have to check all these shipments to make sure these Valentine traditions aren’t carrying bugs or diseases that could harm US agricultural and floral industries. So when you hand your sweetie a Valentine’s Day bouquet you can confidently proclaim, “This is a US government inspected bouquet.” (although I’m not sure that phrase would carry as much weight as it once did).


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  1. Excellent story, well written and very informative

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